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During hot to cold weather when temperature sudden drops rubber in tires expands which allows tiny air molecules to escape that may eventually lead to a low tire pressure a TPMS light in dash. Also oxygen escapes when it reacts with other gases, such as hydrogen. This means if hydrogen sneaks into a tire, it forms water, and even the smallest droplets of water which can lead to wheel corrosion and finally rust presence. Nitrogen gas does not support moisture, which means your wheels are free of corrosion if you choose to fill your tires with nitrogen. Nitrogen works to maintain proper tire pressure which mean no TPMS light shows up in dash. It improves your gas mileage, reduces tire wear, extends the tires life and prevents corrosion of a steel or aluminum rims.

Nitrogen inflation is free at NAPA BP when you buy 4 tires from us. A $80 Savings.